Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The One Where We Dream About Our Future as Entrepreneurs

Katharine  3:29 PM
Did you hear about that Maine bed and breakfast that you can win with a 200 word essay?
Stephanie  3:29 PM
No, but if you win it, I will move and help you run it.
We can be whaler's wives.
Katharine  3:30 PM
I suspect they might be looking for someone who doesn't actively hate domesticity
Stephanie  3:30 PM
You don't know that.
Katharine  3:30 PM
Educated guess
Stephanie  3:30 PM
They could be looking for someone who wants to make a difference. Shake off the "stuffy B&B" stigma
Katharine  3:31 PM
It would be interesting to run a B&B known for its unmade beds, scuzzy bathrooms and breakfasts consisting of like, one giant pancake per diner.
It's like the baby of a B&B and a hostel.
"Katharine's Hostile Bed and Breakfast"
Stephanie  3:32 PM
The beds would be made, they would just be made like, by pulling up the mismatched blankets and calling it good.
Katharine  3:32 PM
You are overestimating my bedmaking
Stephanie  3:33 PM
You don't ever just pull up the covers just enough so the cat hair mostly stays on the outside?
That's all I do.
Katharine  3:34 PM
That would be a good idea
But no
That is just too much for me at 7am
Stephanie  3:34 PM
Well, you can do the business part
Katharine  3:35 PM
And the giant pancake?
Stephanie  3:35 PM
and I will cook
on non-pancake day
Katharine  3:35 PM
That's a good business plan. This essay writes itself!
Katharine  3:36 PM
Ideally one of us should have a surly daughter we can force to do the cleaning for free.
Not it
Stephanie  3:36 PM
Well, once I find my whaler husband, I will do what I can, child-labor-wise.
He is only ashore once every few years
but we'll be doin' it the whole time he's back.
Katharine  3:37 PM
So I'll have to do the cooking then, too
Stephanie  3:37 PM
It can be a special event!
Pancake and caesar salad week!
Stephanie  3:40 PM
Then when he's gone and I'm back to my "he's-at-homes",  we'll have muffins and bacon again.
Katharine  3:40 PM
How many words is this? I'm just going to send this to the B&B owners as-is
Stephanie  3:40 PM
Make sure the B&B has a widow's walk on the roof.
And we'll need to make sure there's room in the budget for our daily opium.
Katharine  3:42 PM
So what I'm getting from this is that this we are turning this into a theme B&B, like those ones where you live like a Jane Austin heroine, except this is a Nantucket whaler widow experience 
Stephanie  3:43 PM
Sure.  Our evening activities can include carving your own sex toy out of whalebone and laying on a fainting couch post-laudanum.
Katharine  3:43 PM
God that sounds relaxing

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