Thursday, March 5, 2015

Things We Said

Stephanie  10:31 AM
I'm just saying, no one want to be the Beezus.
Katharine  10:31 AM
The world needs Beezus


Katharine   3:23 PM
Thanks for the zinc tablets. I just swallow them with water, right?
Stephanie   3:24 PM
You crush them up, heat them up in the bowl of a spoon with a lighter, then inject them.
Katharine  3:25 PM
Well, i just wanted to double-check. 
If I have saline, can I dissolve and inject?
Stephanie  3:25 PM
I mean, it's ZINC.  How else would you take it besides heating it up in a spoon and injecting it?
Katharine  3:25 PM
So...swallow with water?
Stephanie  3:26 PM
Or you can also crush it up and mix it with cheez whiz, then lick it off your hand.
Katharine  3:26 PM
I'd have to go to the store though
Stephanie  3:26 PM
Peanut butter would work, too
Or you can just shove it into a piece of hotdog and swallow it whole.
There are a lot of options, really.
Katharine 3:29 PM
I will not be compared to a dog, even in jest, Stephanie.

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